Does A Little Moss Really Hurt My Roof?

Absolutely! On cedar roofs, it breaks down the wood fibers and use it for food. Whether a wood or composition roof, mosses and fungi retain water on the roof and accelerate roof decay. Roof maintenance is necessary to assure the full life of your roof.

How Does Roof Cleaning Benefit Me?

Your roof will look better and last longer. The most important benefit is that you save money! A new roof is very expensive. Through quality roof maintenance, your roof lasts 2-3 times longer than a neglected roof.

What Are The Effects Of Northwest Weather On My Roof?

All facets of our weather cause wear and tear on cedar roofs. Sunlight and heat create cellular breakdown of wood fibers. Rain allows moisture to draw the natural oil of cedar wood, leaving it defenseless against natural decaying organisms such as fungi and moss. During cold winters, the moisture in your cedar shakes will expand and break down the wood fibers. Wind-blown debris (leaves, pine needles, and dirt) traps rot, producing moisture on your cedar roof. Without proper roof maintenance, the costly effects of NW weather will turn your roof into a moist pasture for hungry fungi and moss.

How Do You Clean And Treat My Roof?

For a composition or tile roof, we treat the roof with a water base treatment to kill the moss, spores, and roots. Then we gently wash the dead moss off and clean your gutters. For a shake roof, we clean the debris off your roof and clean your gutters by using air pressure or, in extreme cases, we use high water volume with low pressure. Once the roof is free of debris and the repairs complete, we apply a treatment using a low pressure sprayer.